Cosmetic lip liner pencil
  • Cosmetic lip liner pencil
Cosmetic lip liner pencil
Cosmetic lip liner pencil, use it for drawing lip shape before permanent makeup.


Waterproof lip liner pencil, improve lips type details, texture soft and smooth like the silk, lasting color not shading makeup, accurately draw lines, modify and draw the outline of lips, highlight the perfect lips, make lips contour more perfect nature.


Specific Parameters:


Weight: about 10g


Application methods:

1. Firstly determine the upper lip peak and lower lip bottom line,draw short-term with lip liner pencil;

2. Connect the scheduled short-term,respectively painted lips contour from the outside in;

3. Within the painted lip liner,can directly use lip liner pen or the same color lipstick to daub evenly from within; 

4. Close lightly with facial tissue after coating,let lipstick or lip liner tightly coupling with lip skin, not easy to fade



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